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The Geography of Cyber Warfare

Cyber warfare presents a new landscape of rapidly shifting allegiances, and battles being fought by anonymous warriors, sometimes within a country's own boundaries. Addressing this problem will require swifter, more innovative, and far more nimble forms of diplomacy that have yet to be tested. More than  40% of the world's populace now have internet connections , with the number of users slated to reach three billion by the end of this year. If you're reading this, you're one of them. Over the past year, many of us users have become aware of the extent of cyber snooping and the lack of privacy on the internet. Revelations by  WikiLeaks  and  Edward Snowden , and  most recently by Vodafone , starkly describe the pervasive extent of cyber spying. Some of us have even been the victims of cyber crime, in the form of fraudulent credit card transactions, hacked email accounts, and stolen identities. The internet security company  McAffee approximates such crimes to have co