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Gasping Tiger- Breathing Heavy in India

If you live in an Indian city, every breath you take is killing you. Here's why, and how you can change things... Prioritising rapid urban transit, walking and cycling networks in cities over the individual's use of a car will reduce pollution, but also increase economic and health outcomes (Photo: Shutterstock) Even as climate change wreaks havoc across the planet, causing drought and floods, and temperatures in 2016 look  set to overtake 2015 as the hottest year on record , a far more toxic problem has been slowly brewing over India's cities in the last decades - air pollution. Its impacts are local and far more devastating to every woman, man and child in India. It does not discriminate with regard to who it kills. We fret endlessly about terrorism and turn against real and false enemies, even as the air we breathe is slowly and surely killing us one breath at a time. In 2015,   The Economist  published a short piece  on the toxicity of the air Indians breathe. It quoted