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Can I use the same network name for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi Networks?

I often wondered if I should give my 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency WiFi networks on the same WiFi router the same names or different names. The answer is YES! You can and you should. The advantage of this is that it shows as just a single WiFi connection in the entire space, and not two different ones. There is just one login as well. More importantly, your device (if it's not super-ancient) has the sense to figure out which signal/ frequency is the strongest and uses that. If you're close to your router it favours the 5 GHz (faster, but less range) network and if you're further, it switches automatically to the 2.4 GHz (slower, but greater range) network. So go ahead and log into your WiFi router (which for many of you may be integrated into a single box with your modem). If you don't know how, this page helps you to figure that out for most routers. In the settings, make sure the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks are on. Give them the same network names and password

My experience using the Switch Health RT LAMP Test Kit - Aeroplan COVID-19 test kit

I used it. It worked as promised. In short, the RT LAMP Test Kit @ US$118 / CAD$149 (no taxes applicable) is what all Canadian travellers have been waiting for! Scroll straight to the end of this post for unboxing photos and my experience using the kit. With an overseas trip on the horizon, I researched the daylights out of the announcement from Air Canada and Switch Health that one could buy a molecular test kit in advance that met Canada's entry requirements and saved one the hassle of finding a lab overseas, spending a day getting tested and often waiting days for the result. Switch Health has a video of the LAMP Test Kit online too. The only review I could find left me with questions - it seemed to read like a sponsored endorsement and the reviewer's trip also seemed to have been sponsored. So I'm sharing my step by step journey using the kit, as well as researching and purchasing to help fellow travelers on their own journeys. See the end of this post for unboxing ph

Which is the best online notary to use to notarize US documents, especially if you live abroad?

With COVID-19 restrictions, finding and going to a notary was out of the question, so I dipped my toes into the new world of 24/7 online notaries to try and find a good one. I tried a few out when I had to have an affidavit notarized for use in the United States. Here's my unbiased opinion, and top two choices plus a runner up. My top choice is far ahead of the other two. I was a bit skittish using an online service because one has to upload and submit copies of one's driver's licence, passport etc., all of which can be a recipe for hackers who want to steal your identity. I did a lot of research for a few days, to satisfy myself of their authenticity, including searching domain registrations and looking for newspaper articles and the LinkedIn profiles of their staff and management. #1 based in the state of New York was heads and shoulders above the rest. Their online support was responsive and well informed, and answered most of my questions