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How to stop getting wasteful direct mail that jams up your mailbox (in the USA)

This is a summary of the journey I took to significantly cut down on the amount of junk mail and flyers I was receiving. There is a lot of information out there and I was wary of it in case I was inadvertently giving in to scammers. All the options below are tried and tested, and took a while to figure out. First a bit of background. I didn't know when I embarked on this journey a few months ago that my bank, credit rating agencies (like Equifax and TransUnion), and any business I may have purchased an item from and/or shared my home address with, get to sell not just my address, but my other juicy demographic and financial details with other businesses or directly through third-party exchanges.  Privacy is a luxury these days. I know that. However what irked me were the dozens of useless, irrelevant, and FAT catalogs (with THIN models on them) and flyers I kept getting in my USPS mailbox that are not only a ****ing nuisance, but a waste of this planet's limited resources and a