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How to allow Vonage services on Beanfield Metroconnect's Toronto network

Most importantly, you can use Vonage Canada 's services on Beanfield Metroconnect 's network in Toronto. If you use Vonage 's services in Canada and are switching or have switched to Beanfield Metroconenct 's awesome service in Toronto, here's how to configure the router to allow Vonage's services to still work. Since Beanfield is a local service, Vonage's (helpful) tech support had no idea how to help me navigate the hardware, as they would have if I'd been with Bell or Rogers. Log into your Beanfield router. Beanfield uses a proprietary optical fibre router. If you don't know how to, call or email Beanfield's (helpful) support and they'll tell you. Once you log in, choose the "Zhone Router Rental" and click on it. Then choose the "Port Forwarding & Firewall" tab, and choose the "Add Rule" button on that page. Add a rule with information to get the outcome in the image below. Description: vonag


Powerful poetry on the immigrant experience by @ jennymxie via @ POETSorg

What you watch is how you vote

If we are what we watch, then it seems we also vote that way. This growing rift between communities, mirrored in the media they consume, is redrawing political boundaries across the planet. The boundaries we took for granted in our geography textbooks, and on which national policy and governance are premised, may no longer hold true.   Photo: Shutterstock The outcome of America's recent presidential race sent shockwaves across the world. Donald Trump, a populist, wealthy, reality TV star beat the odds to win. As pundits of every stripe still continue to scratch their heads to explain the result, the  New York Times  posted a fascinating article  earlier this week that may explain his victory and how cultural preferences are redrawing the political boundaries within America and across the world. If we are what we watch, then it seems we also vote that way. This was most literally proven in the case of Donald Trump- best known for his television role in  The Apprentice . Vast swathes